Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GS: Where have I been?

So sorry if you have checked the site for the past month and found nothing new posted. Maybe you were wondering where I went... or if I was coming back. Well, I'm still here! But I do owe a bit more of an explanation on what has been going on. It has been a combination of a few different things. I'll get into some of it when the time feels right... but I will share one thing right now. We got a puppy!

Okay... I know that doesn't seem like the best excuse. But if you have gotten a puppy before, you know how it turns your life upside down.

Basically, we weren't looking to get a puppy. I was thinking possibly a 2-3 year old dog... something that needed a home and was possibly past the crazy puppy phase (and housebroken.) But then we found our little boy, a 7 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and we couldn't help ourselves!

I happened to be looking through (which I would do when I was playing around on my computer at night) and I came across a little female Cavalier with only one eye. Knowing that Sal really likes that breed and that neither of us cared if we had a one eyed dog (I was going to name her Winky while Sal wanted to name her Leela) I contacted Champlain Valley Canine Rescue in VT for more details.

They wrote back rather quickly and informed me that about 10 people wanted her, which was wonderful for the little one eyed girl, but sad for us. BUT she told me about her brother. He was rejected from a puppy mill in Ohio for having too high of a birth weight to be standard for the breed (which I think is total sh#t.)

Actually, the whole little was rejected (the little girl with one eye, the little boy who was born too big and the other little boy that was born with an under bite.) They were sent to a high kill shelter (what an oxymoron) to be destroyed.

Luckily, Champlain Valley Canine Rescue in VT takes trips to Ohio every 12 weeks or so, picks up dogs from high kill shelters and brings them back to NE to find the dogs some good homes. And, to make a long story short, after some back and forth we were informed that we qualified to take the little boy pup that was born too big for the breed! So Sal and I drove the 4 hours up to VT and picked up our 7 week old boy.

Once we picked him up, we had no idea what to call him. Sal and I thought the best idea was to come up with a Brittish old man name, since he is a King Charles, but none of the names we came up with seemed appropriate once we met him. So, on the 4 hour car ride home we just kept throwing out names. Finally, one of us said Jupiter and he reacted... our little Jupiter chose his own name.

So, just about one month in, we are having a wonderful adventure as a little family! Here is a little of our time together so far...

But now that we're all getting settled in, I'll have more jewelry to share... and, of course, more Jupiter photos!
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