Monday, October 19, 2009

What a difference a photograph makes!

Since I have been in business, only twice has my engagements not resulted in weddings. And both times I was assured it was not because of my rings (yes, I take EVERYTHING personally.)

So, even though I do not take returns for broken engagements, I always try my hardest to help out a client. I am putting this amazing platinum and natural color change sapphire in the Concord Museum for a retrospective show of the past 125 years of the North Bennet Street School. For details, click here.

While the jewelry is not for sale, my hopes are that somebody will see my contact information on the ring and maybe, just maybe, somebody will want to buy a beautiful estate ring.

But... the whole point of this blog post was to show (once again) how amazing the camera is that Sal bought for my birthday 2 years ago. Plus... it's good to know how to take a decent jewelry photograph.





And just one last photo to boot...

If you would happen to like any information on this piece, it is a contemporary platinum ring size 7.5 with a diamond cut round 2.15 untreated color change sapphire (blue in natural light and purple in man made light.) Drop me a note through the website if you are interested!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Double Wave Ring

If you remember from a post about a month ago, this ring was fabricated to replace a long lost wedding band. We worked from descriptions and from his wife's ring (which has been worn for a few years.)

The wax that I showed images of in the last post died in the casting process (which is, unfortunately, somewhat common when casting in palladium.) So I made another wax, this time with deeper engraved lines, etc. The reason for engraving in the wax and not the metal is because engraving into palladium is like engraving into a rock... it is approximately 16% harder than platinum.

But all of the hard work paid off, and the ring came out beautifully.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

OOO... sparkly diamonds!

What do you do when you lose a diamond earring? Make a pendant!

I was asked to come up with a pendant using a diamond from a lonely onezie diamond earring for a 30th anniversary gift. When I asked what he wanted, he basically gave me a budget, use white gold and diamonds and told me to make something pretty. Yay, my favorite kinda of client! But I did get a little insight from his daughter (and dear friend) Monica. She mentioned flowers... but really, just just likes things that nobody else would have.

So... I came up with a flower. A loopy flower. Which, somewhat, also looks like a starfish... but whatever... it's cool.

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