Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Putting the puzzle together...

Some people love doing repairs because they see it as a puzzle... not my favorite. My favorite kind of puzzle is replacing something that a client has lost. It's like CSI for jewelers... going through photos of the client wearing them (my favorite are the 4th grade class pictures), listing to descriptions (sometimes from multiple people)... you know, general investigative work. Maybe it's a favorite pair of earrings from their childhood, or a pendant that grandma gave them, or in this case, the wedding band.

I was approached to replicate a wedding band that a client lost about 8 months ago. I hadn't made the original, and it was a few years old. He wanted a reasonable facsimile of the original, but didn't have a closeup photo of it. We worked from descriptions, random images similar to the style, etc., and I think I have a good idea of what we are aiming for.

The ring has a wave traveling around the ring with 2 high points and 2 low points over a very low domed surface. For fabrication, I carved in the wavy line into a wax, slowly opening up with different sized gravers. Once I opened up the channel, I added in a round wax wire.

It's been sent off to be cast in palladium (the original was in platinum, but wanted an alternative.) More pix to come when it's finished!

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Allvira said...

WOW!!! great its too old. Its from your childhood. But tracey, I am opposite from yours. I believe in repairing as compared to replacing. Reason is the emotions attached with the gifted material.
Its my truth. Anyways, good to hear from you.
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