Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's all about the CAD

Sometimes I get requests that are so complicated, geometric and full of insane amounts of details that there is no way I can make it... or even if I can, the pricing would be through the roof. So that is when CAD (computer aided design) comes into play.

I got a request for a ring with many literal visuals that were symbolic to the client. There was so much to squeeze onto a wedding band, that I worked along with another jeweler to create the CAD. We had to do a little back and forth, and this is the final design we came up with...

From the design, the file is sent to a casting company who either mills or grows the wax. The piece just came back from the caster and it looks good... now to clean it! Final images soon!


Mystif Becca said...

What process do you use for actually casting then? Is it vacuum or a centrifuge?

tracey said...

I'm having them cast at Best Cast in New Jersey. The material will be 14K Palladium white gold... so I'm guessing vacuum. I used to work at a casting house and vacuum is the common way to go for golds and silvers... centrifuge is more for platinum. But either way, this would be better answered by Best Cast.

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