Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grasshopper Cufflinks

Seriously, how damn cute are these? They are simple Sterling Silver... and adorable! That's really all I have to say about them! They are just damn cute!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Calla Lily Engagement Ring Wax

It's been a few rough weeks of life getting in the way of life. BUT I'm finally back in the shop!!!

To kick off my holiday season of long shop days, I started with a custom calla lily engagement ring. This is for a client in the UK (love the fact that international clients are finding me!) If you scroll back a few entries, you can see the sketches that we began with.

Right when I started carving this wax, I knew it was the perfect first project to get me back to the bench. It is more of an 'artistic' project, which I have not had the opportunity to work on lately. I feel it is a mini sculpture first and an engagement ring second (which is a good thing)... and I must say, I have loved carving this wax.

But I thought it would be fun to share my carving process so far. I started off with a wax ring and scratched in the general pattern and started carving away...

And after a few hours, this is what I have completed so far...

So far the client is happy with what he's seeing. Of course I am thrilled with that fact, but even more so with the fact that he told me to run with it and let my creative juices flow.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Updating a Family Heirloom

I was approached by a bride-to-be to make something special for her husband-to-be. He had a family ring that they wanted to turn into a pair of cufflinks but let it slide. So, she 'borrowed' it from him (and would change the subject whenever he would mention it or start to look for it) and handed it over to me.

It was his grandfather's ring. A hand carved Tiger's Eye set in a low carat Yellow Gold 1/2 bezel/wide prong ring. Basically, the groom-to-be doesn't wear Yellow Gold and also wouldn't wear a ring of that size.

We decided on cufflinks set in Sterling in a similar manner (to be reminiscent of the original.) Also, because the Tiger's Eye was hand cut, we went with a plain cabachon stone of the same material and exterior shape.

Not knowing how difficult it would be to find a nice Tiger's Eye in the same size/shape, I bought a slightly larger stone from Thailand and had it re-cut in Boston to match. I have photos of the final cut stone somewhere, but I cannot find them at the moment... if I come across them, I will update!

The final touch was completing the pieces with an antique finish, just to add a little age to the cufflinks.

And our final piece, which was presented on their wedding day, was a hit.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Been a few insane weeks (UPDATE)

So I have gotten one response to my sketches so far. That would be the flower/swirl engagement ring. I got the feedback that one of the designs was headed in the right direction, the wrap calla lily ring.

Now we're at the point of playing around with the sketch (to elaborate a bit more), figure out the metal and the stone. I'm tossing around ideas of white or champagne diamonds, tourmaline or tsavorite. Then the metal would be either white gold or possibly a red gold flower with a white gold stem? Who knows!

We'll see what direction we head!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Been a few insane weeks...

So sorry I have been slacking again. But I have had an insane run of life getting in the way of life. All culminating with me getting sick. Nothing bad, just a head cold, but sick enough to spend my day on the couch.

But maybe it's a blessing in disguise? Because by planting my tooshie on the couch I actually got lots of sketching done for clients. Sketching that I have been attempting to work on for nearly 3 weeks now.

I am working on designs for an anniversary band using birthstones and an original engagement ring diamond, a swirly hippy-like flower engagement ring, diamond wedding band to match an engagement ring I recently fabricated and a few other things. No sketches have been approved as of yet (just the beginning phase to see if we're heading in the right direction) but why not show the randomness that comes out of a sick day on the couch.

Some days, just like anybody, my job drives me insane. But other days, like today, I remember how random and creative it can be.

If I didn't have such interesting people coming to me with such different (and sometimes outrageous) ideas, I wouldn't be able to come up with many of these designs. Because sometimes I forget, I'm not only inspired by everything around me... but by my clients and what surrounds them.
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