Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Calla Lily Engagement Ring Wax

It's been a few rough weeks of life getting in the way of life. BUT I'm finally back in the shop!!!

To kick off my holiday season of long shop days, I started with a custom calla lily engagement ring. This is for a client in the UK (love the fact that international clients are finding me!) If you scroll back a few entries, you can see the sketches that we began with.

Right when I started carving this wax, I knew it was the perfect first project to get me back to the bench. It is more of an 'artistic' project, which I have not had the opportunity to work on lately. I feel it is a mini sculpture first and an engagement ring second (which is a good thing)... and I must say, I have loved carving this wax.

But I thought it would be fun to share my carving process so far. I started off with a wax ring and scratched in the general pattern and started carving away...

And after a few hours, this is what I have completed so far...

So far the client is happy with what he's seeing. Of course I am thrilled with that fact, but even more so with the fact that he told me to run with it and let my creative juices flow.


Anonymous said...
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Ruchi said...

The engagement ring design is so unique. I must admit that I never seen such a different design before. have you designed it yourself or taken help of someone..
vintage ring

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