Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Been a few insane weeks...

So sorry I have been slacking again. But I have had an insane run of life getting in the way of life. All culminating with me getting sick. Nothing bad, just a head cold, but sick enough to spend my day on the couch.

But maybe it's a blessing in disguise? Because by planting my tooshie on the couch I actually got lots of sketching done for clients. Sketching that I have been attempting to work on for nearly 3 weeks now.

I am working on designs for an anniversary band using birthstones and an original engagement ring diamond, a swirly hippy-like flower engagement ring, diamond wedding band to match an engagement ring I recently fabricated and a few other things. No sketches have been approved as of yet (just the beginning phase to see if we're heading in the right direction) but why not show the randomness that comes out of a sick day on the couch.

Some days, just like anybody, my job drives me insane. But other days, like today, I remember how random and creative it can be.

If I didn't have such interesting people coming to me with such different (and sometimes outrageous) ideas, I wouldn't be able to come up with many of these designs. Because sometimes I forget, I'm not only inspired by everything around me... but by my clients and what surrounds them.

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