Friday, October 27, 2006

diamonds and pearls

Honestly... what looks nicer??? I adore diamonds and pearls!!! They just look soooooo nice together!!! (This is when my girly side comes out!)

This is an 18" strand of cultured fresh water pearls. I made the clasp out of 14K GREEN gold (it works well with people that wear either yellow or white gold) and a 1/4 carat bezel set diamond.

button, button, who's got the button???

Am I the only person that remembers that game from kindergarden?

Anyhoo... I have been pulling together a few different new pieces for the gallery at North Bennet Street School for the open house next weekend.

These are sterling silver cuff links. I like cuff links... I think they are one of the few acceptable forms of 'man jewelry.' And because lots of guys that I know think they are too 'Hip' for them... I decided to make a pair that were subtle. So these are sterling silver little high domed buttons with 22K gold twisted wire to look like threads.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

holy schnikies...

Had to share this one...
the WORLD JEWELRY CENTER in Las Vegas. They call it the 'New Global Marketplace for Gems and Jewelry' AKA a honkin' big jewelers building.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

stacking rings

So, these are 14k matt gold with diamonds, rubies and and pink (with a smidgen of orange) sapphires. When all 3 rings are worn together, the placement of the stones form a special image... but I won't tell!!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

hammer of death!

This F***ing piece of S*** *&^% %&*^)( #$%^% *&&^% #$%^& HAMMER!!! I F***ing hate this **&^%$ if MONKEY $%^&^%!!!!!!!

Uggg... now that I have got that out. I was hammer setting some stones. Basically, you tap the hammer setting tool with the hammer... not too difficult! Right??? And it's light tapping... TAPPA TAPPA TAPPA... TAP TAP TAPPAROO! BUT NO! WHAT HAPPENS YOU ASK...

THE #$%^&*&^%$%^#$% HAMMER BROKE IN HALF AND BOUNCED BACK AND HIT ME IN THE HEAD! i got a bumpus on the nogginus! BASTARD!

Old Lady Earrings...

I finally finished the old lady earrings. I don't know what to say about them... other then the fact that they look like they belong to an old lady!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

holiday postcard!

Well, to kick off my holiday season... and hopefully get my orders rolling in a little earlier... I decided to send out a reminder postcard. My buddy Paul, O'Hearn Graphic Designs, designed my card for me.

If you're looking for a graphic designer, he's for hire! To take a sneak-peek at my card, click here... or here... or even here if you really like!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Okay... I think we all forget to look around. We have our daily chores... on our missions... and we all forget that there is a world around us.

So, today... running to a meeting... happened to look up. And there it was! A large man with a PINK POWERPUFF BACKPACK ON! It was soooo random... and hilarious... and adorable! And it reminded me that I need to look around a little more sometimes.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

my uber clean shop!!!

For those of you who haven't seen my shop yet... HERE IT IS!!! I basically decided that I would scrub it down and get it all organized so I could start my fall work in an insanely clean home!!!

This sign has been above the staircase to the basement since before I was born... hehehehe...

This is a photo of my bench (which is a used double watch makers bench... I LOVE IT!!!) There's also my polishing area, and all of my random little tools all around...

And if you were wondering... yes, there is a tiara on the eagle on the wall. The eagle is from my great uncle's foundry and the tiara is a part I cut off of my sisters...

This is my sink area... I have all the basic cleaning stuff... pickle pot, tumbler, ultrasonic... all the normal stuff...

This is my clean bench I work at. I have my rolling mill and wax lathe there... and it's where I do most of my wax working...

Here's my photo box area. You can also see my tree trunk with the teenie tiny anvil in the lower corner.

And just for fun... here is my little line of vespa magnets that travel along my light :)

Sooooo... this is my shop!!! This is where your pretty little jewels come from.
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