Monday, September 29, 2008

sterling silver cuff links

Just a quick post to share a photo of some silver cuff links. The are very simple and have concave and convex elements. Also, flat sheet silver was added to the 'button' on the cuff link to create space to engrave a personal message.

thanks for visiting...

It's that time of year again... when my ClustrMap refreshes to a blank slate. While a blank slate is a new adventure, it also makes me a little sad to see everything disappear. So, take a peek at my map... maybe you can spot yourself ;)

Friday, September 26, 2008


I finished the moon pendant and the moon pendants.

First... the moon pendant...

It is Palladium 950 with multiple family diamonds of all different sizes and qualities. This is a really sweet pendant. It was fabricated with diamonds from 2 different family members and is engraved in a third family member's handwriting...

But at the same time I finished up some very simple and modern silver moon pendants. These are thank you gifts a year in a half in the making. It's so sad that they have taken me so long, seeing how simple they are, but they are finally complete!

When I stayed in France last year I took a trip down to Inzago, Italy to visit with my friend Roberta and her family. While I was there we had a Lunar Eclipse that was RED! OOOOO! So, I made Roby, her 2 sisters and her mother a little lunar pendant (but Roby gets the Ruby.)

Isn't it funny how you can make the same object in so many different styles.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

morning cup of tea...

As I sat down to my morning cup of tea to make the 'to do' list for the day, I thought it would be a great time to do a morning review.

Currently, I'm attempting to finish up a few jobs that have taken longer than necessary...

1. Moon pendant with Family Diamonds - need to finish setting the diamonds
2. Sterling Cuff Links - polish and engrave
3. 4 matching sterling pendants (a thank you gift for friends in Italy that's now a year and a half late) - polish and set 1 ruby
4. Swirl pendant - it's currently being laser welded and then final polish
5. Baby Spoons - I'm making a couple for clients and then a couple more blanks for later

Once I get all of that off my bench, then I can start into the new projects...

1. The pearl clasp
2. My cute little bug pendants (for the Holidays)
3. Glass and Gold cufflinks
4. Crazy Sapphire Necklace
And a few other pieces... but let's see what other paying jobs pop up before I put them on my to do list!

Okay... off to work! Hopefully photos to come soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


About a year ago, a client came to me with a severely damaged ring... it had been sucked up into a vac, through the beater brushes, and completely smooshed... and it could not be repaired. So we've sat on it, did some other jobs, and finally revisited it. This is the damaged ring...

It is (was) an antique platinum button ring with a mine cut diamond (not too sure of the ct size or quality... but it's approximately 7.2mm wide.) It must have been an incredible ring in it's day.

So... over the past year that I've spent time getting to know the clients. I discovered her love for diamonds and pearls and swirls (what a delightful combination!) And with that in mind I came up with this design for a three strand pearl clasp.

We will offset the diamond to the upper right corner. And then just go completely nuts with swirls EVERYWHERE! Different shapes and sizes with little diamonds and beads tucked here and there. How incredibly cool!!!

Now, to give the client a general idea of what these swirls would look like, I made a very very quick one out of silver (it's pretty crappy... but it gives you the idea.)

Now... the pearls we chose are nearly round (but with lots of natural inclusions and dings and stuff... she likes pearls that are more natural than 'cultured' looking) that are 10-11mm (pretty damn large) in a gorgeous silverish-misty greenish color. OOO. So the clasp will be 30mm x 15mm.


I know it, I know... I've been a slacker about posting. But my week has just been completely bizarre... my schedule has gone out the window, lots of catch up cleaning (my shop and our home), catching up on bills and such, a conference/expo down in Providence... I've been productive, but not in my normal way.

But I'll finally get a day in the shop today... so maybe, just maybe, I'll have some photos for you later today or tomorrow. Maybe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

almost finished!

Finally, we're getting close! Just a couple more steps!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

on the south shore...

There may be a lack of posts over the next couple days due to the fact that I'm on the south shore at my folks place, house/dog sitting. I was planning on accomplishing all kinds of stuff (I brought supplies to fabricate a gaggle of baby spoon blanks... BABIES EVERYWHERE) but as of right now, I haven't even had a chance to take the lid off the box of supplies.

BUT it should give me some time to get some sketching accomplished (I need to do some brainstorming!) This is if I can get a break from the crazy wiener dogs and Lucy (my sister's fluffy Welsh Corgi)... currently they are all fighting over who gets to sit on my lap.

But stay tuned... there will be some very cool photos by the end of the week!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

the glass i almost died for... literally!

I recently took a trip down to Putnam, CT visit some dear friends and pop into a couple of antique shops (just in case I came across a new tea set... because I have a dish buying issue.) Well, I came across a shop that had a very interesting character for an owner. I won't get into it fully... but he seemed to have LOTS of stories.

Well, he showed me these 'semi precious' stones that came from the late 1800's - early 1900's. They were the salesmen samples, so they were the best of the best because they were the example to sell from... and no two were alike. The stones came from a company from New York called Albert Lorsch & Co., on 5th Ave (there was some packaging with it, but I wasn't allowed to take it.) But when they say semi-precious they mean glass or porcelain... actually, the only information I could find about the company online was that they were sued by the United States over tariffs on 'imitation precious' stones... I have a feeling that was the beginning of the end for the company.

The 'stones' are amazingly cool! This first is a Greek style woman in cut Czech glass that is just over 1.5 inches in amethyst purple...

... this is hand painted porcelain black and gold, just over 1.75 inches tall, Asian motif...

... and this is one of my favorites! Jade green glass with a stamped Art Nouveau woman...

... now I found the same in a dark purple... but it has a small flaw in it that it looks like her throat was slashed (I guess there's a smidgen of goth girl in me!)...

... and finally, the wiener dog portrait! This will become a pendant for my mother. Seriously, how could I not get a wiener dog!

Now, the whole time I was in there, the gentleman that owned the store was... well... a bit scary to say the least. But the scariest point was when I realized he (1) locked me in the store alone with him and (2) gave me a bone crushing hug, pinning my arms down. I honestly had a brief moment of fear with thoughts of him killing me in the store... and I was prepared him in the family jewels and run. But, luckily, he let me go and unlocked the door.

See... I nearly died procuring for my craft!

nose ring...

I thought I'd post some photos of the client's grandmother's nose ring that's going to be laser welded into the swirly pendant.

They are diamonds set in either 18 or 22k. The diamonds have a little spot of orange in each one. I have to say... this is insanely cool!

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