Thursday, September 18, 2008


About a year ago, a client came to me with a severely damaged ring... it had been sucked up into a vac, through the beater brushes, and completely smooshed... and it could not be repaired. So we've sat on it, did some other jobs, and finally revisited it. This is the damaged ring...

It is (was) an antique platinum button ring with a mine cut diamond (not too sure of the ct size or quality... but it's approximately 7.2mm wide.) It must have been an incredible ring in it's day.

So... over the past year that I've spent time getting to know the clients. I discovered her love for diamonds and pearls and swirls (what a delightful combination!) And with that in mind I came up with this design for a three strand pearl clasp.

We will offset the diamond to the upper right corner. And then just go completely nuts with swirls EVERYWHERE! Different shapes and sizes with little diamonds and beads tucked here and there. How incredibly cool!!!

Now, to give the client a general idea of what these swirls would look like, I made a very very quick one out of silver (it's pretty crappy... but it gives you the idea.)

Now... the pearls we chose are nearly round (but with lots of natural inclusions and dings and stuff... she likes pearls that are more natural than 'cultured' looking) that are 10-11mm (pretty damn large) in a gorgeous silverish-misty greenish color. OOO. So the clasp will be 30mm x 15mm.

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