Friday, September 26, 2008


I finished the moon pendant and the moon pendants.

First... the moon pendant...

It is Palladium 950 with multiple family diamonds of all different sizes and qualities. This is a really sweet pendant. It was fabricated with diamonds from 2 different family members and is engraved in a third family member's handwriting...

But at the same time I finished up some very simple and modern silver moon pendants. These are thank you gifts a year in a half in the making. It's so sad that they have taken me so long, seeing how simple they are, but they are finally complete!

When I stayed in France last year I took a trip down to Inzago, Italy to visit with my friend Roberta and her family. While I was there we had a Lunar Eclipse that was RED! OOOOO! So, I made Roby, her 2 sisters and her mother a little lunar pendant (but Roby gets the Ruby.)

Isn't it funny how you can make the same object in so many different styles.

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