Thursday, October 01, 2009

OOO... sparkly diamonds!

What do you do when you lose a diamond earring? Make a pendant!

I was asked to come up with a pendant using a diamond from a lonely onezie diamond earring for a 30th anniversary gift. When I asked what he wanted, he basically gave me a budget, use white gold and diamonds and told me to make something pretty. Yay, my favorite kinda of client! But I did get a little insight from his daughter (and dear friend) Monica. She mentioned flowers... but really, just just likes things that nobody else would have.

So... I came up with a flower. A loopy flower. Which, somewhat, also looks like a starfish... but whatever... it's cool.


Allvira said...
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Akanksha said...

Incredible ! Truly speaking, after seeing this pendant , I am not able to sleep . This pendant was coming in front of me. I love to buy it for me..Can you please tell me how can i go for it.
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