Monday, October 05, 2009

Double Wave Ring

If you remember from a post about a month ago, this ring was fabricated to replace a long lost wedding band. We worked from descriptions and from his wife's ring (which has been worn for a few years.)

The wax that I showed images of in the last post died in the casting process (which is, unfortunately, somewhat common when casting in palladium.) So I made another wax, this time with deeper engraved lines, etc. The reason for engraving in the wax and not the metal is because engraving into palladium is like engraving into a rock... it is approximately 16% harder than platinum.

But all of the hard work paid off, and the ring came out beautifully.

1 comment:

neetu said...

This one is so unique and simple but it is looking great. No stones no carving just a simple stylish ring.
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