Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weddings: Not just for the Brides

You know, pretty much every wedding magazine/website/blog/etc is focused on the bride. Granted, the bride does make 99.999% of the decisions (including what the groom-to-be wears) but I still feel we need to throw them a bone once in a while!

Most men do not want to wear jewelry. A good amount of men don't even want to wear a wedding band let alone cufflinks or some other type of appropriate man jewelry. So what is man approved?

Well, I have learned (from being with a man that shuns all forms of man jewelry and wouldn't wear cufflinks till nearly 3 years into our relationship) that many do not want anything flashy or showy. What does that leave, you may ask. Custom Collar Stays!

These are a fun something-something that is just for him.

Sterling Silver with either a name or a sentiment stamped on it. So simple, yet so cool.

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