Monday, September 21, 2009

Tiger, Ninja, Cowboy

I haven't done a me post in a while... so this one is all about me! Oh, and Sal ;)

We went to an AMAZING wedding this past weekend in NJ and as a fabulous treat, A PHOTO BOOTH! So while people were using props, Sal and I decided to go with a rousing game of Tiger, Ninja, Cowboy.

For those of you (who I am quite sure there are many) who do not know the game Tiger, Ninja, Cowboy, it is a more animated version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. In this version the following wins:

Tiger beats Ninja (because the tiger eats the ninja)
Cowboy beats Tiger (because the cowboy shoots the tiger)
Ninja beats Cowboy (because the ninja dodges the bullets Matrix style and can attack the cowboy)

We played best out of 3, one round for each frame. I won all 3! Seriously! Not staging it for the photos!!! So the final photo is my victory photo ;)

All I can say is... HOW DAMN CUTE ARE WE?!?!


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