Thursday, September 17, 2009

Custom Costume

Costume jewelry isn't something I would normally tackle. Actually, I'm not a big fan of gluing and wiring and such (I have a tendency to glue my fingers together.) But for a friend, why the hell not.

So, my friend approached me with ideas of what she could put in her hair for her wedding along with a broach for her bustle. She showed me a few pieces she found online, but none gave you the sizes, they were coming from China and other distant lands, and all took a month to deliver and were 'exchange' only if you didn't like them. I couldn't let her do that... so I took on the challenge of making costume jewelry.

Her dress is simple with what I now refer to as 'the doodad' on the front (a beaded aplique.) So I decided that would start with the doodad and go from there...

The whole wedding has an antique or vintage theme about it. So as I played with the design, I gave it a bit of a deco feel.

The first is a broach to put on her bustle. It is about 3.5 inches in length, cut out of sterling silver and has Swarovski crystals glued (yes, glued) onto the surface. And a large piece of mine cut glass in the center which I soldered on some basic prongs to hold it in place. But, because I cannot just leave it at that, I depletion guilded the sterling to bring out the fine silver (to keep it from tarnishing) and added a hammer finish in case any of the stones fall off there will still be a facet from the forge marks.

And the second is a thingie for her hair. This is made out of the thinnest silver I had in the shop, around 30 guage sheet (like thick aluminum foil) to keep it from weighing on her head. Then I, again, glued the crystals to it. I finished with adding fine silver loops to bobbypin it to her head.

We're heading to this wedding this weekend. Let's see if the bride actually wears this stuff or finds something better ;) Keep you posted!

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