Tuesday, May 30, 2006

making bob ross happy :)

I spent my Memorial Day painting… a huge happy tree (hence the Bob Ross reference.) So… even tho my painting skills are a little rusty… but the end of my stint, I was figuring things out.

This is the bedroom for my friend Colleen’s second child. The room is TINY (and too bad Colleen, with her selective amnesia, forgot to mention that her husband wanted something small... OOPS!) So, she just let me do whatever I wanted to.

I decided to create this… THE DOG-OLIA! It’s a Dogwood tree with Magnolia blossoms. I painted right onto the ceiling (another oops) and made the branches run around the top of the entire room. Oh, and I tossed in a few fat (actually GI-NORMOUS) fireflies around it.

Needless to say… they are happy to have such a bright and colorful painting in their new babies bedroom… and I am happy to be paid to deface somebody else’s property!


Dents said...

Dog-gone it, girl, you are on fire (fly)!
cool stuff...

OH! said...

you’ve superbly melded the whimsy of bob ross and the adventure of captain bob.

now that’s a “happy accident.”

Jaffe said...

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