Saturday, June 24, 2006

ahhhhh... twenty-nine!

Twenty-nine... the number seems to be in the air today. Or maybe it's just because today was the last day of my 20's. Either way... tomorrow I begin a new decade.

But how did I spend the last day of my 20's... how did I decide to end this decade of my life??? Did I send out my 20's with a bang? Well... if you call staying in my pajamas all day, eating only ice cream and a chocolate chip muffin top, watching REALLY horrible LifeTime movies ALL day going out with a bang... well, then that's what I did! And I LOVED every minute of it!!!

Because tomorrow begins a new decade... and I just thought I would begin it well rested and sugar laden :) Truly, what else could I ask for???


Dents said...
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Dents said...

Wonderful Birthday wishes and Congratulations! Mid life crisis is only a few decades away!
Truly, what else could I ask for???
1) Millions of dollars
2) No allergies for the wieeeenies
3) New England Lighthouse Coffee ice cream
4) A new combined horizontal and vertical head Diamond cut facetting machine, state-of-the-art telephathically controlled Ring Bender, alien-crafted Spiral Coiling Tool (indispensable!), among other necessary weapons/tools

*Just being finicky about spelling... deleted and reposted with one word changed - guess which one I messed up!*

lulicious said...

Happy Birthday Tracey! I hope the first day of the new decade is as good as the last one of the old decade... and wish you good days every day after that too! 30 Ain't so bad. (I mean, I assume that you did not, as I did, dream of giving birth to litters of puppies, kittens, frog eggs, etc. as your subconscious's way to welcome you to midlife...) YAY!!! Happy Birthday!

kelmurphy said...

3-0!!! Like the French game today! WOOO! Hope you had a fun night!

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