Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Organic Engagement Ring

I'm starting a new engagement ring.

A client came to me with a 3 stone ring that belonged to his grandmother. While he already proposed with that ring, they decided to create something that reflected themselves... and in comes Tracey to help!

We sat down and chatted and I got to know them a bit. While we talked, I wrote down words like:

-Feeling of movement
-Color (warm / orange)
-playful / whimsical

I came up with something that I felt reflected them well. We decided to use only the center diamond, and save the other two side diamonds to make gifts for siblings. The overall ring will be about as organic as they come... the diamond will be 'growing' out of the center of the band.

The ring will be made out of Palladium white gold, because while it is white gold it still has a warm color that will allow us to use orange sapphires traveling down the leaves on the band.

Sorry this isn't the best sketch... but it will give you an idea. But more photos to come soon!


Couture de Papier said...

wow sounds personal and lovely cannot wait to see pics!

Jay said...

Perfect example of creativity. This idea is definitely work for the jewelry makers to design such kind of minute work which can very effective for the rings specially. The final output will be same as shown in the picture.
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Betty said...

This is highly creative. The idea is super cool and I am impressed with the way you have created such a special ring.

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