Friday, February 19, 2010

Round vs Finger vs Square

Fingers aren't round. Because of this, rings don't just come round.

Your fingers are actually trapezoids. Wide/flat bottom surface, 2 tapered walls, and a narrow/flat top surface. Okay, okay, when you look at your finger it doesn't really look like a trapezoid... but it doesn't really look like a circle either, does it? So, for the fact that all fingers are different, there are different shaped rings. Of course the most common is round. The next is a finger shaped ring. And finally, a soft square.

Now why am I discussing this? A client asked me the difference between the ring shapes and why you would use them. There are different reasons for each one. The main reason would be for comfort. The next reason would be to keep a ring for rotating. And finally, just because it's pretty damn cool looking.

Here are a few different basic sketches for various shaped rings.

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Akanksha said...

Awesome..It is really very informative thing for us. Yeah I am agree with you. All the fingers have different shape. I used to wear three rings in my left hand and when i observed it carefully then i found that all the rings have different shape. Actually there is no finger of round shape.
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