Thursday, August 26, 2010

GS: What's Going on at Green Spot

So, maybe you are wondering what's going on here at Green Spot Studio. I know, I haven't been around much so far this summer. So I guess it's time I share what's happening over here.

After taking some time to think things over (and discuss with Sal), I decided to cut back on my company... make it a little less than part time. This wasn't an easy decision to come to.

Basically, I had burnt out. Over the past couple of years, I took everybody's advice and took any and every job that came my way... no matter how much money I made. I did this to keep getting my name out there. Unfortunately, all this did was promote me as being really inexpensive. I put Green Spot Studio on sale. And if you know my work, you know the amount of time that I put into every piece. And after meeting with my accountant this past spring, we figured out that I doubled the amount of jobs that I completed, but made around 1/2 the money. No business could survive that way.

Although money is a major issue, there were certain situations and conversations that lead me to my decision. And it would be rather tacky of me to share those stories, so I will leave it up to your imagination. But there was one final thing... one final ring that broke the jewelers' back (so to speak) and I just left the shop. I didn't return for quite some time. I blamed the heat. I blamed caring for Jupiter. I blamed the house being a mess. But really, I was the only one to blame because I just couldn't face sitting at that bench of another minute.

Now... it hasn't been all bad. Most of it has been rather delightful. Honestly, I have worked with some amazing people. And it is those wonderful clients (you know who you are!) that are keeping me in this business! Because, overall, I do love what I do... and I think I do a decent job at it too!

So, where does this leave Green Spot Studio?

I will continuing producing custom pieces. BUT I will be much more selective about the jobs I take on and the clients I decide to work with. I want interesting/challenging jobs! So if you have those, bring them my way! I will be charging accordingly, though. If you ask for the family discount, I may just tack on an extra 10 or 15%... you don't know how much I actually like my family that day, do you?

Along with this, I am looking for a part time job. Preferably not in the jewelry field. I'm not sure what that will be... but I'll keep you posted when I figure it out.

So do not fear... there will be a great deal of pretty pictures coming your way! I have a few engagement rings I'm working on... along with new limited edition stock pieces in the Green Spot Studio line. And maybe, just maybe, with a little encouragement I can get back to my Oscar Challenge. Maybe.

So... thank you if you hung in there to read my whole diatribe. Like I said, pretty pictures to come. Stay tuned!

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