Monday, April 18, 2011

GS: Noodling Around

Think back... what was the first piece of jewelry you gave your mother? (And jewelry that another family member paid for doesn't count.)

Nine times out of ten, it was a macaroni necklace. And even though you painted it green and covered it with glitter, and turned your mother green and covered her with glitter, she wore it with pride. Well, it's time we bring it back... just a more adult version (and it won't turn her neck green either.)

I'm very excited to introduce, just in time for Mother's Day, my macaroni necklace! It's simple, it's whimsical... it's a gold elbow macaroni. Just the idea of it makes me smile!

Now... if you want to make EXTRA fancy (come on, it's for mom... of course you want to make it extra fancy!) you can add some glitter. And by glitter I mean flush set diamonds.

Or make it into a true "Mother's Pendant" and flush set the different birth stones.

I am offering them in my Etsy store, and they are made to order! They are available in 14K or 18K in yellow, white or red gold. If you want them by Mother's Day, place your order by April 25, 2011 for a pendant with stones and by May 2, 2011, for a plain pendant. And until Mother's day 2011, I am offering them at a discounted intro price.

So, get one for the special mother in your life. Or anybody that will appreciate the joy of wearing an elbow macaroni. Better yet, get one for yourself.

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