Monday, May 02, 2011

GS: Compass rose ring

I have always loved the idea of a compass ring... you know, to help you find your way home. And I don't know how many different clients I have suggested the idea of making a compass rose ring, but apparently they don't get lost as much as I do ;)

I think an antique map with an ornate compass rose is beautiful...

Well, I finally found the perfect client! While this isn't quite the ring design I always envisioned (I wanted to do a little more detail, red gold inlay, engraved fleur de lis, etc) but I think this is clean and simple... and delightful!

This compass rose ring is in palladium with a collet set rhodolite garnet and hand engraving.


mstrpete said...

That's fantastic! One of my favorite motifs.

Chani said... make custom rings? What steps must one take to get such a ring? Because... I really, really like this idea...

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