Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wave Pendant...

Doesn't it always figure! I slave for days and weeks and months on different pieces of jewelry... and what gets noticed... this wave pendant that I made for a buddy. Nothing insanely special, sterling silver, textured (wavy) outside and a smooth wave shape on the inside (see attached picture). Well, she was down the Cape and low and behold the owner of a totally old school jewelry shop and the owner LOVED it! LOVED LOVED LOVED it! Soooo, he placed an order for some. And if they sell the way he thinks they will, he wants to talk about matching earrings, maybe a bracelet... who knows.

But it is still nice to get noticed. So the pictures show the waxes I carved for the pendants (the heavier one is in silver and the thinner is for gold). To get these done as quickly as possible (to get them to she shop by next week, so they will have a few weeks of summer in the shop on the Cape) I carved the waxes and sent them off to a casting house in Jersey to make a RTV mold of each of them (RTV means Room Temperature Vulcanized, which means it's a rubber mold that cures in room temp, unlike regular rubber molds that you would have to basically bake) and then they will shoot the waxes I need (5 silver and 2 to start with) and cast them then send them right back to me. I should have them by Tuesday or Wednesday, give 'em a polish, and I can bring them to the shop by Friday. Lovely!


Dents said...

Congratulations! Lucky breaks for lucky people!

lulicious said...

Ooh You'r getting FAMOUS! And deservedly so. These are really nice... likfe is full of surprises, as you know. Congrats on the surprise business!

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