Friday, November 03, 2006

engagement ring wax

Sometimes it's better to fabricate a piece out of wax and not in the metal. The final piece will be platinum... but because of the design, there are a good amount of angles (a concave V section in the ring shank and in the head) and if I made it out of the platinum initially, there would be a great deal of waste.

So... I thought I'd show a few of the steps in how I'm making this ring...

Okay... first I turned the basic ring shank and head on a lathe...

Here are the 2 main pieces. This is after I turned them, added in details, and 'polished' the waxes...

And here are a few views all put together before I send it out for casting.

I'll post a few more images when I have it cast... and when it's finished!

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