Saturday, November 18, 2006

forged silver bracelet

this is a forged sterling silver bracelet... you start off with a round wire and forge (hammer) out the metal in different directions. lovely, isn't it?


Julius said...

tracey, the bracelet is beautiful by itself, but somehow i think that the spiral "shadow" adds more character to it! what do you think?

bergzy said...

my favorite type of jewelry is forged.

my present wedding ring ( and my first one which got stolen in a house robbery) is a square forged design in 18k. 10 mm and 14 grams, it is a hefty little guy.

hehehe, i just commissioned a secondary platinum ring that will weigh in at one ounce of 950 pt/ir alloy...forged of course!!!

keep up the beautiful work!

Billy James said...

This type of bracelet looks very cool and trendy too. I was searching for this type of blog so that i can decide what kind of bracelet should i gift to my sister on her b'day.

Billy James

karinw said...

Forging silver is so therapeutic, and I love the results of it, rings, bangles or pendants are all gorgeous when forged.

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