Friday, September 28, 2007

I am such a girl!

I went to the Doctor's today for a general physical and she wanted to do a full blood workup (nothing exciting, totally routine.) Well, the doc ordered this test to see how long it takes my blood to clot.

So, after I had my 3 tubes of blood drawn out of my right arm, they put a blood pressure cuff (set to 40) around my left arm. They had to make a small incision on my forearm, then for the next 15 minutes they had to use a large paper disk to dab at the incision every 30 seconds to see how quickly i was clotting. It was fine... the site of the blood didn't bother me... but the cuff was really bothering me.

I sat there... making idol conversation. All of a sudden I started feeling hot. Then I started with the cold sweat. And I think it was pouring off of me. I told them I was alright... then about 30 seconds later I said I think I may blackout.

I woke up on the floor. I honestly thought I was sitting with my back against the wall... then I opened my eyes and there was like 7 women standing above me! Hahaha. So they told me I turned pale gray (that must have been attractive) and the poor phlebotomist was a tiny little woman, about 1/2 my size, and she had to pick my sorry ass up and lay me on the floor.

Well, as I started coming to, they were all talking about what great hair I have. Hahaha... guess that's something!

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