Tuesday, July 08, 2008

cufflink wax

Okay... the computer is back from the Apple Store. They had to replace my Logic Board (which is their fancy name for a mother board) and the Inverter Board and Cable (I think it does something with the display.) So, we can post again!

Today I was working on the wax for a pair of cufflinks. They are to match this wedding band...

So I transferred the pattern on the profile of the ring to the flat front of the cufflink. Also... I am making them how I like to make all cuff links, with a solid bar in the center. Some cufflinks have the part that swivels... well, I don't like that part. It loosens easily or breaks. And they come pre-fabricated and you just solder them on, but they always come plated (even silver) and I don't want to plate the entire piece.

The final cufflinks will be about the size of a nickel and made out of Sterling Silver.

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