Tuesday, January 20, 2009

little snag...

I was so excited to finish the Nouveau engagement ring... 'was' is the key word in this sentence.

Let's back up a bit. Right after the New Year I carved the calla lily pattern into the wax ring, but left a space for the oval tapered bezel. I decided that it would be best to get a wax bezel from the company where I would be having it cast.

Now, after the holidays all jewelers close for a bit... some a few days, some a month. The casting company I wanted to use was closed till the 12th, so I sat on it for a few days. Well, I wish I could have those few days back.

I dropped it off on last Monday and was supposed to be able to pick up by Friday at the latest. Unfortunately, when I called, it wasn't done. So I picked it up yesterday... and it was wrong. My simple task of dropping a wax bezel in it was unfortunately not noted properly on the job envelope. The bezel was supposed to be set horizontally in the ring (to run parallel with the shank) but was set in perpendicular.

I first hoped that I could cut it out and solder it back in, but then I realized a couple of things...

1. To cut out the bezel without disturbing the thickness of the metal, and then cut out a curve to fit the contour of the bezel back into the shank the proper way, I would loose the top of calla lily pattern.

2. And if I did manage to set it in there w/o loosing the pattern, I would then have to size the ring down (because it would be adding a couple of mm to the size.) And I refuse to size a piece that I am making from scratch.

Call me stubborn, call me a perfectionist... but if somebody is paying for their 'dream' ring, I need it to be perfect. So, it's back at the caster! I should have it back this Friday.

But if you want a quick peek at some fuzzy photos of what it looked like straight from the caster, spru still attached, and bezel in the wrong direction... well, here ya go!

I must say, it will be beautiful when it's finished! Now if I could just finish it ;)

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