Monday, January 12, 2009

Working, working, working...

Okay, here's a quick photo of the wax I'm carving for the Art Nouveau engagement ring.

It is going to be cast in platinum with an oval bezel to hold a beautiful pale blue/purple sapphire.

I'm going to work on some designs for wedding bands tonight... and meeting with a client about some custom earrings later this week. The new year is starting off strong with exciting custom orders!

But, after doing my inventory, I realized that I just need to sit down and start making some pieces. I have sapphires galore! Oranges and pinks and reds and purples and such. Then I have this 6+ carat star ruby which is nutty. And I bought a matched pair of canary yellow round sapphires that would make an amazing pair of earrings. Ugh, too much to mention! Maybe I'll start posting some photos!

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