Tuesday, July 07, 2009

comic book cufflinks

Maybe it's just me that thinks this is a fun idea. But I think a pair of cufflinks that can be worn to work and can touch upon your inner child is pretty flipping cool.

A client came to me with the idea of cufflinks for her beau. They are self-proclaimed dorks (which is think is damn cool) and one of the few things he is really into is comic books. Currently, I'm not sure if by comic books they mean graphic novels or anime... but for the moment, I'm aiming for the classic comic book. Think POW! standing out in a yellow spiked bubble.

The part with the stone would be the front side. I need to tweak the spiked bubble behind the stone... it's currently looking a little too flower like. BUT it gives you the idea where I'm going with this.

I'm not sure what the client will think about my madness with this idea... but I will keep you posted!


I got an email from the client and she loves them! Yay! The only thing is she needs to research which word to put on the back... KA-POW! may be too Batman and not enough Captain America ;) But either way... we're on our way to a damn cool pair of cufflinks!

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