Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A gift... for ME?!?!

Last night I handed off wedding bands to Evan and Ann... an illustrator and a sculptor. I am always honored to make art for other artists! Well, when I gave them their 'art' they gave me art in return! I was in complete shock, because I do not expect anything in return... other than paying the bill ;)

So, seeing us poor artists have to stick together... I gotta pimp them out!

These are AMAZING pewter Goat and Ram soft cheese knives...

And I love the fact that they are perfectly fitted, so they can battle...

Honestly, I'm jealous that I didn't think of this before her ;)

And they also gave me 2 kick ass pewter wine stoppers... that are modeled after their cats...

The ingenious part of these is the fact that the cork is a generic size... and when they wear out, you unscrew the cork and can replace it. The inside of the 'cork bezel' has threading. Brilliant!

So even though they are hand making pretty much everything for their wedding, it's still proving to be expensive. So check out Evan's Etsy Store and Anne's Etsy Store. 100% of their proceeds go to their wedding ;)

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