Friday, December 25, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

Every once in a while I get a REALLY good story to go along with a piece of jewelry. Well, all of my custom jewelry has a story... but sometimes I get a REALLY REALLY good story.

I recently received a package through a friend that said 'Confidential! Tracey Only!' on it. As I started to open the padded envelope, what falls out you may ask? A TOOTH! As I peeked in it was full of baby teeth. My friend's father happened to come across all of his daughter's baby teeth and thought it would be funny to turn them into a piece of jewelry.

Well, after some research into 'tooth jewelry' and found a whole new category of Mourning Jewelry (or what I refer to as Victorian Death Jewelry.) Mourning Jewelry was typically made from the hair of a dead loved one, woven into intricate patterns and set along with onyx and other black stones under glass. BUT in some rare cases, Mourning Jewelry included teeth, which I find much more disturbing than the hair jewelry. And with that, I knew I wasn't going to make a necklace full of teeth.

I suggested a place to store the teeth... a sterling silver box. And with that, my friend's father agreed. And said that way she can decide what to do with her DNA... keep it in the box or throw out the teeth and use the box for something else.

So with that... I give you the box!

And apparently, he gave her the package from 'The Tooth Fairy.'

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