Tuesday, December 28, 2010

GS: My LAST Engagement Ring of 2010

I know I haven't been updating much since Thanksgiving, but I got slammed with work. Much of it was Etsy jobs and limited edition pieces that you have seen, so not much to photograph. But I did make a few different things, including this sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

I was contacted in the last few days of November to make an engagement ring that needed to be in Switzerland by Christmas, so we had limited time to work. When I find myself in situation like this, the client and I need to be on the same page... they need to trust me. While all clients need to trust me, jobs like this I need to make the majority of the decisions. I give very few design options, pick the stones and overall, I need the ability to go with my gut and make the final decisions. And typically, when clients let go and allow me to have control, amazing pieces are made... and this is no exception!

Basically, the client named one piece from my website that he was drawn to and I came up with one sketch for him to decide yes or no...

And, obviously, he said yes. I think the translation from sketch into final piece was spot on...

The final piece is a platinum engagement ring with a hand carved crown setting holding a 1.77ct purple/blue sapphire. The band is a tapered knife edge with leaf shaped bead setting on the band and small leaves that connect the head and shank. Overall, I think we came up with something beautiful!

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Mike said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing that one, Ashley! The ring is so beautiful... Its looking very simple & unique..I am looking for similar kind of ring for myself.

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