Saturday, December 04, 2010

GS: Newest Member of the Green Spot Team

Come meet the newest member of the Green Spot Studio team!

I recently purchased a mannequin bust/head to photograph jewelry on for my Etsy shop.

Even though she's new, she has a vintage feel with her slick & flip hair and her multicolored eye shadow. And I must say, even though she is made of fiber glass she is action packed with personality!

While I think she's a riot & rather campy, Sal hates her. Really REALLY despises her. Even Jupiter growls whenever she rears her smiley head (though I think Sal put him up to it.) So while she's now a vital part of Green Spot Studio, she will also come in handy for scaring the bejesus out of Sal (you should have heard his reaction when she was hanging out in the bathroom sink!)

Now, my only issue is what to name her! She's a redhead, is she a Viking? Nah, I'm guessing that red isn't natural. Hmmm... what oh what should her name be?


barbalungasivopsita said...

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Sola said...


chelsea said...

Nice post! Way too cute..

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