Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GS: Little Bits of This & That

Along with the engagement rings and pieces from my Etsy shop, during the holidays I got a few orders for some small custom pieces. They are all very specific to the clients that they were made for, as are all of my bespoke pieces, but these few pieces had very particular subject matters.

My first was a pair of sterling silver dragon cufflinks. The dragon pattern was designed to be an "S" shape for the client's name. We went with a distressed/antiqued finish to give it that Mortal Kombat vibe. I think we were successful!

Next was a gold pendant with the profile of a Newfoundland dog. A high polish finish on top an engraved pattern helped create a natural texture. Also, the pendant has a tear drop bail hidden in the back to accommodate multiple sized chains.

And finally, a pair of 4 leaf clover cufflinks. Simple and clean in sterling silver... and hopefully lucky.

Don't be surprised if you happen to see these offered on my Etsy page for Saint Patty's Day!

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