Monday, January 24, 2011

GS: Sometimes love isn't up to me

I always say I love to make love happen. Unfortunately, sometimes it's not up to me.

Every once in a great while an engagement or marriage doesn't work. It's a fact of life. And unfortunately, this weekend I found out 2 of my client's relationships are over. And I was devastated. I know this is strange, but I invest a great deal into making these marriages happen. I know, I know, in the whole grand scheme of things, this is a drop in the bucket. But I spend so much time with either one or both people in the relationship that I like to think I helped move their relationship onto the next step in their lives.

I get to know them on a personal level. I hear stories... about how they met, what they do, where they live, trips, family, what they love about each other... it goes on and on. And all of this is taken into consideration when I design and build their piece of jewelry, their something special. And I'm not sure how or where, but during this whole process of building my jewelry company, I became really empathetic.

So, when a relationship ends, it effects me. I think it really just comes down to the fact that I think my clients are very special. You have to be a special person to want to spend weeks designing a ring... getting everything just perfect. I'm not saying that they care more than people who buy rings out of the case, but lots of them pay attention to the little details.

Please don't get me wrong... I'm not completely self absorbed. I know the universe doesn't revolve around me. I just feel for these people. Everybody deserves to be happy, and that's all I want. Is that asking too much?

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