Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a pit in the road :(

well, i should always know enough that when i set a time table to finish my work... i should just double it.

i had been working like a dog on my wax models recently (see a few postings prior to this for images) and i had 6 of them cast. well, the casting company FIRED them! completely over heated the metal! when you over heat metal, it burns out the alloy. when there is not enough alloy in the metal, it creates pits. and when there are pits, tracey is a very unhappy jeweler :(

what i would usually do is re-carve the models (and i may do that with one of them) but seeing a few of the models are so detailed and took hours upon hours (one of them took me nearly 2 days) so i cannot do that. well, tomorrow morning i have to get up around 5.30 in the a.m. to catch the early train into town. seeing i'm teaching right now, i have the opportunity to use their tools... there is an amazing tool called a laser welder (i don't own one, because it's about 30k for it) so i'm going to attempt to fill pits to bring the model to a point that i can have a rubber mold made from it. so i have to do this before class begins. ugggggg.

so i am off to bed early. but i swear, by this weekend i will post some new pictures!!! promise!!!


Dents said...

Bring your A-game to the table and prepare to burn (Given your recent adventure, the pun is oh so totally not intended!)

Dents said...

And my sympathies on the models.. you should fire your casting company... *ouch* Did I touch a raw nerve?

lulicious said...

I am so sorry! You would think the casters could figure this one out... good luck!

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