Friday, January 19, 2007

ahhhhh... france!

As you may already know, I decided to take a working sabbatical in France for a couple of months. I'll be posting photos of my designs I'm working on, but also my random little happenings and adventures!

I decided to start with this... the long awaited answer to that age old question... why are Europeans so skinny and stinky??? This is the answer...


Look at this! I hope you can grasp how itsy-bitsy-teenie-tiny this sucker is!!! Every time I attempt to turn around I either have the curtain stuck to my, well, back side or I manage to hit the insanely sensitive shower control and have scorching or freezing water rain down on me. And do you see the crazy metal spider looking shower curtain hanger... this would give any child nightmares and scar them permanently!

So, I brave it every morning... string of profanities streaming like the freezing water running all over the floor (because I flood the bathroom every time I shower)... and at least I don't stink!

But shower or no shower... I'm enjoying myself a great deal! I really do love it here!

Ahhh... stay tuned for more to come!!! Also, remember to peek at my cohort's blog, KELLY "COLDCUTS" MURPHY!

...explanation of "Coldcuts" to come... hehehe... stay tuned!

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