Friday, January 26, 2007

in my neighborhood... in my neighborhood

So, I decided to do a little walking around my neighborhood yesterday. I crossed the river (I live a couple blocks from it) and headed towards St Cloud. Hiking my butt straight up a hill (good good, walk off some pastry!) to head to the cathedral that I keep seeing on the hill top. Well, it was closer than I thought... and way bigger!!!!!

In this day and age, nobody would put something like in the burbs! But, oh those Catholics! Back in the day you would put all of the towns money into building the BIGGEST MOST GI-NORMOUS church possible... because the bigger your church, to more you love god... and the more you love god, the more god loves you! And basically, it would keep invaders from attacking your town, because god loves you more! hehehe

Well, when walking up to it... it looks pretty normal...
Then... BAM... there it is! It's huge!Look at this inside! It's insane!
The Pulpit is this massave, wooden carved... thing! On the bottom it has life sized people carved out of wood... but hanging over head, it has (maybe ) something that looks like the Angel of Death! You know, just to keep scaring you into behaving. (I'm sure it's some other angel... but we'll pretend it's death... more interesting that way! hehehe)

More to come!!!!!!

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