Wednesday, August 15, 2007

i actually glued my fingers together... no joke.

Today was one of those days where I was all over the map... carving some waxes for wedding bands, finishing couple of pendants, etc.

Well, I had to super glue something today. I know, super glue is not something a high end jeweler uses... but it does serve a purpose sometimes!!! Well, it was a different kind of tube than I usually get. The directions explained that when you screw the tip on, it would break the foil, e voila, the super glue flow beings! Okay... sounds simple enough. BUT it does not warn you that if you cross thread the tip and the tube, the foil will rip AND THE SUPER GLUE WILL RUN ALL OVER EVERYTHING!

And before I knew it, my fingers were all glued together. Hahaha!

So... if this happens to you, plan on soaking your hands in nail polish remover (has to be the original kind with acetone) for around an hour.

I know you are laughing you a$$ off! Thanks! Hehehe... okay, it is kinda funny... but just a little!

Anyway... I did finish a few things today.

You remeber the Calla Lily Pendant??? Let's refresh your memory...

Well, this is the baby version. 14K yellow gold, with an orange sapphire briolette. Very very sweet!

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