Sunday, August 05, 2007

like i promised!

i promised to show you completed pieces... and i'm sticking to that promise!

i couldn't post this engagement ring as i was working on it, because the client's girlfriend (now fiance, as of saturday night... CONGRATS!) knew my blog address.

it's platinum with a very very nice radiant cut 1.16 carat diamond in a half bezel, flush set vs diamonds on the sides. and the sweet little addition is a ruby set on the INSIDE of the ring shank. the ruby is his birth stone, and that way it won't have to be seen by others, but always close to her. AWWWWW... how sweet!

well... here it is! what do you think???

1 comment:

Julius said...

I love the idea of using the secret ruby. Gives the whole ring a new liveliness of color when it's not worn!

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