Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Final Swirly Pendant

The swirl pendant is complete! Well... almost.... but I'll explain that later.

This pendant took so many steps it was absolutely insane. I know it looks simple, but it took quite some time to get it to this point! We started with a sheet of silver and cut it out, then we made a mold, then we adjusted the wax, made another mold, then we cast it (3 times) till we got it right. From there we cleaned up the casting, polished the swirl, set the small diamonds, polished it again... then we had to send it out to have the diamonds set in bezel balls laser welded in place. Then we put a final polish on the final piece.

But the part that is not completed is the neck wire that this will be hanging from. Unfortunately, UPS is currently missing that package with the material to make it. Hopefully it will be here soon!


Sal Darji said...

I like the contrast between the gold and the platinum. It really creates a lot of depth. Looks beautiful!

amma said...

the work looks beautiful
thanks a lot for doing it for gowri, my daughter

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