Friday, May 01, 2009

Vintage Style Flower Engagement Ring

I love this ring. It is so whimsical and sweet! And I love the fact that it has a bit of a 'vintage' feel to it.

It is 14K Palladium White Gold with a 1/2 ct diamond that came from the grandmother's engagement ring. The side stones are different shades of orange sapphires. Everything is set nice and low because the client works with her hands (on her bike, in the garden and in the kitchen.)

But my favorite part is the fact that they feel that the grandmother would approve of the ring.


Amelia said...

Awesome. The red color diamond is looking so nice and is adding more beauty. I will definitely check out this particular design to buy it for my sister.
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Theweddingbandcompany said...

This is nice article , thanks for sharing this blog .The only type of wedding rings that you will see are white in tone as platinum is a naturally white colored element, giving vintage style flower engagement ring and exceptional brightness.
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Theweddingbandcompany said...
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