Friday, May 15, 2009

so many photos, so little time!

I have so much to post, but I have just been completely swamped!

But as of late, beyond working like a mad woman, I have been nursing my Scooter back to health and welcoming my new nephew into the world! While I am not allowed, by my sister, to post photos of my new kin, I will post a photo of my Scooter recovering from the surgical removal of a mast cell tumor. (Still waiting for the pathology!)

You can force him to wear a satellite dish, but you can't take away his pride!

But I am making you a promise... at least 3 posts a week (starting Monday.) I am handing off an engagement ring today and then heading to the Berkshires for the weekend. I will have many photos galore to share soon!

Enjoy the weekend.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Engraved Band

I wish I could take credit for this... but, alas, I cannot. I have some hand engraving skills... but not like this!

When I was in school, I worked with a Master Stone Setter. He would always give me lip because he started when he was 9 years old in Turkey and I started too late in life (in my late 20's.) Then I would say something snide about how I grew up in a country with child labor laws... and we would go back and forth. Now we are friends. But I agree... I am too old to obtain the kind of skills he has in not only stone setting BUT in hand engraving.

I needed to make a new wedding band for my aunt and she wanted a leaf motif engraved into it. So I just told my friend to go to town. And this is what he came up with...


Friday, May 01, 2009

Vintage Style Flower Engagement Ring

I love this ring. It is so whimsical and sweet! And I love the fact that it has a bit of a 'vintage' feel to it.

It is 14K Palladium White Gold with a 1/2 ct diamond that came from the grandmother's engagement ring. The side stones are different shades of orange sapphires. Everything is set nice and low because the client works with her hands (on her bike, in the garden and in the kitchen.)

But my favorite part is the fact that they feel that the grandmother would approve of the ring.

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