Sunday, November 21, 2010

GS: Babies Everywhere, part 2

Okay... so maybe making baby spoons isn't the most glamorous part of my job, and maybe not my favorite type of project, but damn do they look fabulous when they are done!

This one, in particular, is exceptionally cool in my opinion. The designed was to include a giraffe, which is a great design element, but I ran into the issues of working an entire giraffe on the spoon. After playing around a bit I decided the best way was to fit the lower half on the back of the spoon and most the neck and head on the front. I know, it's a little abstract of a design, but I think it's pretty damn cute!


WorkingGirlsShoeCloset said...

Love your blog! Great stuff and fabulous sense of fashion!

The Working Girl's Shoe Closet

Moz Ice said...

spoon or a ring ? ... very creative :)

Moz Wanted Software

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