Monday, March 05, 2007

fashion week...

So, while I was sick this week, I missed something I was looking forward to... Fashion Week in Paris! I would get calls from my friend Henry for different shows, but I knew he wouldn't want to bring along a pasty white coughing and sniffly girl! But on Thursday night, feeling slightly better, I ventured out for a show! I got to wear my new tux and everything!

It was a group show. I have no clue who the designers were (the big names were earlier.) But it was fun just attending a show anyway!!! Now, keep in mind, the pictures are fairly blurry because I can't use a flash taking them (don't want to mess with the professional photographers... or look like a dork) and the girls actually move quite quickly!

The first group of models were exactly what I expected... dressed in black... with big hair and strange black eye makeup (on one eye.)

The second group was a little odd... a bit more 60's mod, which I believe is coming back (as I saw at a fantasy jewelry expo that I attended in Paris last month.)

But the final group... well... I'm not too sure what to say. The designer is actually from Boston... and when I feel I should cheer for the home town hero... well... all of the models were wearing ski parkas with either chainmail hoods of helmets carrying CARDBOARD SWORDS SPRAYPAINTED SILVER! And the only thing that looked like the designer actually made it (because, from my insider information, he buys off the rack clothes and re-works it) was the horrible elf like curled shoes that all the girls were wearing! But I'll let you make the decision for yourself!

Unfortunately, I couldn't hang out with the bunch at the piano bar after the show... because I had an early flight to Milano, Italia the next morning... ahhh... the life of a jet setter!

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