Sunday, April 29, 2007

asymmetrical engagement ring

After speaking with my new clients (who are from out of state) a few times on the phone and learning (1) their preferences in stone shape, metal color, etc and (2) the fact they are appreciators/collectors of fine/contemporary art, I played around with a few different designs. When we met in person, and I went to show them the different ideas, they took one peek at the quick sketch and decided that was the ring for them!!!

So, the ring shank and bezels will be in 14K Yellow Gold. The 3 square diamonds are champagne colored... the largest (1.5 carat) is chocolate in color and VS clarity, the 1/3 carat stone is VS clarity and a medium champagne color while the 1/4 carat is also VS and a different shade of champagne. The large stone is in the center, while the smaller stones flank it. All 3 stones are at different levels.

This is a quick sketch of a close up of the heads.

I adore making pieces that are truly one of a kind!!!

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Sal Darji said...

These are really really cool. I like the closeup. The lines are awesome...are they goint going to be very "hard" edges, like in the picture, or "soft" edges? I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

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