Monday, April 09, 2007

something to make you laugh...

Okay... so I have been SWAMPED! Just too many things coming at me at once. So, for today, I'm just going to share something that made me laugh. Well, not just laugh, but I was crying laughing while I was reading this aloud (maybe it was also a little exhaustion too... who knows!)

So, one day I got a call from Sal to read the description of Fridays item for sale on woot!. For those of you who have never heard of woot!, it is a site that sells only 1 item a day... that's it. It's kind of fun.

Anyway... here was the entry on Friday... it was for Boston Acoustic Bookshelf Speakers...

Boston dB Party

I’m hahdly an audiophile. But music is close to my heaht, from the Cahs to Gnahls Bahkley to Kelly Clahkson. Problem used to be, my speakers were wicked retahded. The guitahs sounded spahse, and don’t get me stahted on the drums – I could hahdly hear them. It was a fahce. Made me wanna bahf.

Then I pahked a pair of state-of-the-aht Boston Acoustics CR65s up on my bookshelf. They’re the dwahf-sized speakers with the gahgantuan sound. Boston Acoustics is so highly-regahded because a lot of smaht guys thought real hahd about how to engineer and design speakers like this, and they’re built with only the best pahts. Sure, they sound ahsome. But they also feature MagnaGahd shielding, so you can put ‘em right up next to your TV. And the dahk black cabinets add chahm to any living room, den, or home bah. Get out your credit cahd – at a mahkdown like this, the Boston Acoustics CR65 Speaker System is a real bahgain.

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