Saturday, April 28, 2007

my poor baby!!!

Spring time is here... the birds are singing, the sun is peaking out more and more, the temps are moving upwards... and the freeking onion grass is out!!!

We have a super weed... we call it onion grass, but I'm not too sure what the technical name is for it. What ever the name is, it is the biggest pain in in my a$$. The story seems to be that years ago, when my grandparents owned this home, my grammy Angie loved this plant that grew wild in the cemetery next door. So, she transplanted a bunch to the yard. And as the decades passed, it grew stronger and spread. Now, it has taken over ENTIRE YARD!

The past weekend I decided to do some major yard work (weeding the flower beds, turning over the garden, spreading the peat-moss, planting pansies and snap dragons, starting the veggies, etc.) But everywhere I turned, there were those effin weeds!

These weeds have bulbs... hundreds and hundreds of tiny bulbs. And if you try to pull up the weeds, the bulbs stay put because they disconnect very easily. Or if you try to dig them up, the bulbs just spread! It's amazing survival mechanism!

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you about my botanical nemesis is not just because of my lack of sanity doing my yard work... but because it effects my Scooter! My poor Scooter!!!

When you cut the lawn (or the weeds, as it seems to be) the onion grass gives off an oil. And my Scooter is allergic to this oil. Just think, if you were bald on your underside and your underside drags along the grass... you'd be more apt to have contact dermatitis on your chest, belly AND EVEN WIENER!

So... here is my poor baby...

OH! And we asked a landscaper how to get rid of them... and the best suggestion was cover the entire lawn AND the gardens AND all of the plants with weed killer, then cover everything with black plastic for at least 1 year then reseed! hahaha!

Freekin' weeds!!!

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Sal Darji said...

That looks horrible! Poor Scooter and Whoopie.

I did a search on onion grass and found this article.

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